Thursday, September 19

a tiny glimpse into Basque

dear friends,

I have just returned from working in Basque. It was one of loveliest trips i have ever taken. I met incredible people against the most beautiful landscape. I hope to share with you more about my time there and also from my travels before then. I continue to have full hard drives but once i can remedy this i will begin to share.

I hope you are well, that autumn finds you well.

with kindness,


Jane Flanagan said...

Beautiful! Welcome back.

Sweet Life Farm said...

I peeked at your site this morning, eager for your return. The leaves are turning yellow here, as if overnight. How wonderful to have you back on your cherished Hill; to return with tokens in your heart of such lovely experiences is better still.

SATSUMA said...

I live now in Madrid, but i was born and lived all my childhood in Basque...this is my land and i love your photographs and your words about my land...really beautiful

Juliana said...

I can not wait to see and read more!

Valentina Duracinsky said...

beautiful pictures...

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