Thursday, May 16


Dear Friends, i returned from italy just last night, my eyes are heavy and i am patiently waiting to give horses grain so i can tuck myself in for the night.

Italy was everything i hoped for and more, it is beautiful, the workshop a success and the people i  meant have made it extra special. I have so much to share and i will soon but right now i am  going to ease myself back into the routine there is a vegetable garden to plant, horse pastures to create and much more. I love the hill with every fiber of my being and love it more these days for reasons i can not yet share publicly.

I am also feeling so alive ( says the girl that could hardly keep her eyes open as she types this-jet lag perhaps). Awaken passion for life and i am inspired by it.

 hope you are well....

with kindness,


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back....I have missed your writing. I always look forward to your posts.

I look forward to hearing about Italy...I'm sure your time there was magnificent. And it sounds like you have some happy news. I can hear the happiness in your words.

It must be a magical time right now on the hill. Get some pleasant sleep so you can get back to it all.

XO Sarah

Sweet Life Farm said...

Lovely to hear. Welcome home, sweet friend!

Juliana said...

Welcome home, Nadia. Sweet dreams!

Sharon de Jager said...

Welcome back. I missed reading your posts and look forward to reading your exploits in Italy soon. Have a happy weekend. Sharon

Maxime said...

Italy is a wonderful place,looking forward to your inspiring posts about it!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Vermont, Sweetness. I hope you are gaining on the resting. Eagerly awaiting to see and hear much more about Italy. I think I heard your message of good news that you whispered into the wind. Can't wait to see if what I heard is true!

I'll be waiting when you are feeling up to more post,
Mary Ann

David @ Frenchie and the Yankee said...

Welcome back! I am so happy I saw your photos on Instagram.