Saturday, March 16

my days

Dear friends, it seems long ago since i shared what has been going on here on the hill. Lots, to tell you the truth. i want to begin by saying thank you to all those who wished me luck on The Hill Workshops, we still have a few spots left if you would like to visit Vermont and learn from some talented people!

I am sitting at the kitchen table for the first time without having to deal with anything work related, just my mocha my breakfast ( banana, coconut, almond butter, raw wheat germ and agave) and i am writing to you underneath pictures i took with an actual camera ( friends canon), not a phone. I am taking this time before i head out to the hardware store to buy a few things so that i can start hanging paintings on the wall. The house is freshly painted white "snow fall" to be exact. I also purchased a kiln, a houseguest potter built a kick wheel in the basement and i thought what better way to learn than to fully commit, i am excited.

I have drifted far from my routine and quiet days but i look forward to finding my way back. Soon spring will have me spend most of my hours outdoors, getting garden beds ready, mending fences and taking long discovery walks.

I have missed this quiet space and i hope to once again come here regularly to share my days and thoughts from the hill.


Jane Flanagan said...

Beautitul. Congratulations on the class - sounds wonderful for its lucky participants. You are such a generous and welcoming host!

Laura said...

Enjoyed this last glimpse of Winter on the hill.
Looks like there is still time for soup and cozy fires before the bustle of Spring.

Laura said...

Enjoyed this last glimpse of Winter on the hill. Looks like there is still time for soup and cozy fires before the bustle of Spring.

Sweet Life Farm said...

Kitchen table breakfast (mocha, coconut and almond butter!), freshly painted, your kiln (!), spring, garden, discovery walks, and the hill…so very lovely and heart-warming to have you back.

The last two photos are my favorites. Thank you my dear friend!

kimberly said...

I am amazed at how much snow you still have- so unlike last year, no? Enjoy the quiet~

Seva-Eva said...

Dear Nadia! I don't know how to say it cause of my poor English but there is something special in your photos, in your words - it's not unlike other blogs. It's somehow so quiet, so heart soothing - I like it very much!

libby said...

Hi - I have a question about the Hill Workshops. Do you personally instruct? How does it work? I see on the site about the workshop that you have three instructors. What is your role?
Just curious - I see so many workshops offered by bloggers and they always involve so many people.

onesilentwinter said...

Hi Libby,

I am not an instructor for the Filming workshop. there is actually four instructors for this workshop. It is a wonderful group of teachers that will work closely with each attendee.

I just take care of the hospitality part, although i teach at our workshops for our food, lifestyle & photography. In this workshop i simply take the role as host at the Beautiful Rudyard Estate.

Libby feel free to email me, there was not a link to your name.

dervla said...

i've missed coming here too. Life moves too quickly sometimes.

Deb said...

These photos are the Vermont of my memories. So honest. I hope Spring comes to you soon on your lovely hill.