Saturday, October 20


in a few short hours i will be heading to montreal again. I picked up the loveliest of house sitters a little while ago, i am lucky to have found such good people.  i took the photograph above with my iphone while mist and fog began to fall last weekend in old montreal. this weekend i must do a few things and other things i will leave to chance. most of all i want to walk, sip good coffee and if possible let go of a few things. last weekend it was such a wonderful end of a birthday year and the beginning of another, instead of feeling older i felt younger.  i shared this time with my dear friend kimberly, i think there just some people who you are meant to meet and share time with who make you feel whole. i laughed and laughed, she said to me on our return to the hill i did not know the side of you who dances in the hotel room and sings and laughs, i know what she meant, i have been so still & quiet which is me as well  but the person she saw last weekend that is the me that no longer felt in the shadows but instead a sense of freedom like a bird in the sky falling and floating,  a feeling that had escaped for too long.


kimberly said...

I like you rather a lot, but that hotel girl- she was funny, and fun, and oh so silly. Far sillier than I!
Have fun this weekend- I will be thinking of you and probably wishing just a little bit that I was there again with you~

annton beate Schmidt said...

this sounds so good to me. even while reading, on a morning that has been a bit grumpy to me, I felt already brighter. so happy for you, that there are both sides of you happilly combined.

country girl said...

May you be dancing and laughing many, many more times in your life. xoxoxoo

Sweet Life Farm said...

Oh, dear me, I missed your birthday! It sounds like you received the greatest birthday gift of all. Smile to picture the return of your playfulness and see you dance and soar. Blessings to you, each and every day.

sweet harvest moon said...

Montreal is such a beautiful city!
Happy belated birthday x