Tuesday, August 7

summer moves along quickly

 it is past midnight and a beautiful moon shines bright, only one window is open finally a cool even crisp night. my house is full again to the rim with guest but everyone is sleeping after a full day and all i can hear is the sound of crickets through that open window. the weekend was a good one k, elle and i headed for a long drive by the hudson river as a storm made it's way. today elle and i took another country drive and before we left i took pictures of elle in my favorite drive way. i love spending time with her, yesterday we picked blueberries, blackberries, apples and discovered white pumpkins growing in our manure pile all this as the sun was setting. there has been such magic all summer long, the kind that has you whispering thank you many times through out the day. i will have guest almost till the very day i leave for new york and then a couple of days in between ny and whistler and a few weeks between whisler and france and maybe it is the cool air and the long sleeve sweater i am wearing as i type this but summer she seems to be going by far to fast. i feel a sort of lump in my throat as i write this, knowing that i will be away from the hill as summer comes to an end. i want to hold on to every morsel, savour it and let it linger as long as it possible can. maybe a slight sense of melancholy and maybe that is normal for one who spends most of her time on the hill to feel as she starts traveling for work. i feel blessed for what i will see and learn but for now i will just be here on the hill in the moment.

* photographs taken with a phone.

* dear friends not sure when i will post again, ( it took me a full hour to post this, computer trouble) and the traveling but i do have so much to share so i will do my best.

* aran  will post from her stay in vermont this week so be sure to visit, can't wait to see
also we worked together for a small shoot for nikole of  herriot & grace that should be up this week too so please stop by.

dear friends, although i love this summer so much, i do miss my regular exchanges when i post. please know how glad i am that you guys are here and i do hope that you do that thing you have promised yourself this summer,  please.


Anna said...

I love to read your updates, even if it's only once in a while. They are always so positive and full of appreciation!

Gisela said...

This reminds me of how much I miss the countryside sometimes. Growing up in the Bavarian Woods and now living in a big city like Munich isn't always easy :-)!
Enjoy your forest I enjoy your pictures ;-)!


kimberly said...

While I am in no hurry for summer to pass, as it has seemed far too short here in the west with it arriving so late, I am also so very excited for October!!

kimberly said...

While I am in no hurry for summer to pass, as it has seemed far too short here in the west with it arriving so late, I am also so very excited for October!!

David @ Frenchie and the Yankee said...

Thank you for the great remind to savor every minute of it. Reading your post and then happiness happens!

Anile | Girlfriday said...

What a wonderful summer you're having! And so much yet to come, I can see why it's making you anxious (as well as excited). Looking forward to all of your news. Enjoy every moment!

country girl said...

Yes, I know the feeling...I don't like to be away from our village when summer turns to fall. It feels like the most magical time of year, that time when there is a palpable change in the air, and the leaves begin to change. But you will be back for the strong autumn colors I think, right?

Sweet Life Farm said...

Lovely, peaceful photos! Contentment and inspiration pour from your words, photos, each time you post. Even when you are away you are never far from our hearts. I am sure the hill and its creatures feel the same way.

Oh, why does sweet summertime seem so fleeting? I feel it too, this time of year; the season slips quickly from our grasp. Happy yours has been so magical. Thank you for the reminder…I have a lot more swimming to do! Enjoy!

Itxaso said...

Love your stories, always.

tj said...

...Elle is adorable and the fav' driveway is dreamy. :o)

...Enjoy this time, it only comes once. Whether it be Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter just enjoy.

...Have a lovely evening!

...Blessings :o)

juliana said...

Summer always goes by so quickly. I've been savoring every moment and rushing off to swim in the lake at every chance. Before I know it, it will be autumn.

art and lemons said...

I recently discovered your blog and I'm glad I did. It's sweet and lovely and it reminds me to appreciate living fully everyday. I'm savoring summer as well. Days spent at the lake, fresh picked berries (I tend to eat my weight in blueberries as well!) and peaches, and little adventures to unknown places, which can be as simple as driving down a different street.

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

I am so sad I missed time with Elle... I want be running right next to her. We miss you.

Jamie said...

I must say I will miss your updates while you travel as I just absolutely love your blog. In the midst of challenges I currently face in my own life, I feel a peacefulness when I come to this space. We seem to notice and appreciate many of the same things in nature. Thank you!