Friday, February 25

turns some sharp some smooth.

 hope you are doing well. the other day i met a friend and we went antiquing found a few things. i really do not need much in fact there is so much i do have that i hope to find homes for.

It has been a little crazy, life is taking some drastic turns, some are great, some i do wish were a little different. K and i are heading to vermont for maybe some snow shoeing and we will pick up elle and dylan from montreal and come right back. I am excited to have them back here at the farm.

i am sorry for not posting as much as i had hoped and things might be equally slow going this week, taking time to hang out with my niece and nephew and finish the book that was long over due.

see you soon.


Sara said...

sounds wonderful, and your treasures are perfectly you. i'm finally catching up with my posts, and the book will get finished this weekend, it's killing me not to pick it up and let my family fend for themselves! tell your mother hello for me (dia) she left a sweet comment, or maybe that was you?;)

Dobbie said...

the Sophie picture is just fantastic Nadia, I love it. Have a safe trip and enjoy the time with your two favorite people. xoxo

Juliana said...

You found wonderful things while antiquing. Have a nice weekend!

cindy* said...

i spy a little enamel pot! what lovely finds.

sometimes personal time is long overdue. enjoy your niece and nephew!

dia said...