Tuesday, February 15

the sweet smell of dew

this morning i got into the car after the chores were done, headed to connecticut to meet my friend at logees greenhouse. arriving before my friend Catherine, as i opened the door i felt as i had felt for so many mornings of my younger days working in a greenhouse.  as i stood there i could feel the dew gently touch my face and the sweet smells from flowering trees, citrus and roses fill my lungs.

as i walked through with camera in hand, i knew that i would have to do this more often, something that could fill so many senses at once must be done more. as i studied the name of plants and answered a few questions from Catherine about certain species, i realized that i too wanted/needed to know more. You see for a long while i was an landscape designer, both interior and exteriors. I had won several accolades, taking the highest honours three years in a row an the New England Flowers show,  a few articles and high profile clients although wonderful, took me further away of what i enjoyed most, getting my hands dirty, learning the species and nursing the impossible species to something so beautiful.

so today as i went down the narrow aisles, imagining what my skin would look like if i still worked in such a place, thinking of all the things left to learn. discovering a new species of begonia and purchasing my favourite oxalis, i realized that although in so many times in life you must move forward and not look back, yet there is certain things you can take up just where you left off. i know i will probably be learning it for the rest of my life, and that suits me fine.


Linda said...

I love, love, love your photography. What a special place/greenhouse to have so accessible to you.

I think the reason I love your photographs is because you capture the wonders and lessons of nature so well.

Thank you for sharing them.

Necinco said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures.

S. Etole said...

I can almost smell the greenhouse fragrances.

Bec Farquhar said...

So magical and fantastic! Beautiful captures!
I love arriving at your blog to see such wonderful mood shots!

Happy Blogging:
Bec Farquhar
from www.becfarquhar.blogspot.com

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

So so beautiful nadia! The moss... Breathtaking!

Shivani Ele said...

Learning for the rest of my life, that suits me fine!


Hugs to you

Ann Marie said...

oh, what lovely photos and words! i have much to learn from you...especially when it comes to plants and life.

Ashley said...

That first photo is so lovely and mysterious. It's like a scene out of a old english romance.

punam said...

I always feel like I'm having an amazing dream when I visit your blog!

Natasha said...

Your writing and photography is so dreamy and lovely.
Natasha xx

josephine said...

This group of photos is my favorite. I keep coming back to them to see the soft light and the gorgeous shades of green. I can almost feel the dampness in the air.