Tuesday, October 26

dear marina

 tous les changements, meme les plus souhaites ont leur melancolies, car ce que nous quittons, c'est une parties de nous-meme; il faut mourir a une vie pour entrer dans une autre-
Anatole France 1884-1924
All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.

do you remember my post yesterday about wanting to be surrounded by poetry and where i mentioned that i would open my autumn swap package that i had been holding unto since the return from my getaway, well i could have not opened it at a more perfect time. It as if marina knew me well and knew the aesthetic of my home. i love everything, more than loved it, i instantly knew they belonged here.

 a most beautiful gathering of things; a photograph of two dogs from her grandmothers collection, a book of poetry that makes me wish that all books today were made with such lovely paper and lettering and it was bookmarked to the poem above, wrapped in fabric a pocket watch case, honestly i have wanted one for so long and inside of it a treasure inspired by nature, a print of beautifully illustrated insects and object de nature from the eighteen hundreds with the quote above on the back side and a beautiful had written note what a lovely penmanship marina. 

marina, thank you so much i have instantly named them treasures to keep for always  and as you can see bullet was watching me as i opened each thing. what i love the most about all of it, is through the swap i gotten to visit your blog that is absolutely filled with stunning photographs &  notes that make for beautiful collected stories -a vignettes of a well lived life, that has me craving more.

merci marina and if you knew me you would know that your last name is my favourite name of all times and if i ever had a child he or she would certainly be called by that name.


Line said...

your cat is so sweet I love that shot!!!

Ann Marie said...

what lovely, lovely gifts!!! i sent my swap package off a couple of weeks ago, and am patiently awaiting mine...so excited!

and i'm soooooo very jealous of your fall weather...your photos make me so homesick for cool weather and trees changing their leaves all sorts of wonderful colors. love!

Random Elephant said...

It funny because I follow Marina's blog, so I saw the package leaving her hands... to land here at another of my favorite blogs, yours!
The quote cold not be more appropriate. I am moving next weekend and it feels so bitter-sweet.
Enjoy your new treasure and friend!

nato said...

hello, love your pictures. would have loved to be capable to have a walk in these fall surroundings. can i use your photos for my desktop pictures, and sometimes to put it in my blog will mention that they are from your blog and will tell you before.

Ciara said...

What a beautiful blog! And lovely photos. So glad I stopped by.

S. Etole said...

what a fun package to come home to ...

Christina said...

what a beautiful gift.
i so enjoyed the swap, i received such love, in the mail.
thank you for hosting.