Friday, July 30

still as jam

the weekend is here. this one is extra special, i hope. i must confess i am still not used to my new home. i love everything outside my door but inside i am having trouble but it will work itself out i am sure. the weather is so lovely right now. last night i shared a fire with neighbors, there was giggling, smores and a stunning moon.

then in the darkest of night, well with the moon so bright and my bedroom perched like a tree house the darkest of night is not very dark at all! slowly i began to focus on tiny thoughts and then i gathered those thoughts like wild berries and put them all in a pot to create a jam i could spread thoughout my life.


S. Etole said...

sounds like a very tasty spread ... the beginnings of wonderful surroundings

Ulrika said...

so beautiful!

Ann Marie said...

wonderful indeed.