Thursday, July 8

elle & dylan summer 2010

when i went to pick up the kids from montreal and as they ran to greet me at the door i was taken back- they had grown so much since march oh i know children do that but it kept me silent for a while. I love them so very much, they fill our house with sweet noises,laughter and little shoes. they are are doing farm chores as if they had always done it before, to see them here in this setting is a dream come true.


Miss T said...

ouhh :) such a lovely checked top on the girl.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Oh my..i know that feeling! elle is turning into such a beauty--she always has been but yes so much more mature both of them!
she is looking more like her auntie!!!
these pictures are stunning nadia--the light is so beautiful.

in another lifetime said...

they get more and more beautiful. Elle is starting to look like you!

avant garde said...

i have to say, as i scrolled down, considering these photos, and before i had read your words, i thought, wow, from the time i started following your blog and beginning to see them as you share them, from time, to time, i couldn't believe the sudden change. fabulous changes of course. they are bittersweet sometimes, as with my son, now 17. i wish for him at different stages to stay there, but then i love him now more than ever. thanks for sharing again with us :)