Wednesday, April 14

the things i love today

lately there is sunshine and not just the kind that is up in the sky but little things that make me happy. i thought i would list them and if you care to join that would be great just send me in an email and i would like to dedicate a post a week!

the things i love today

the colorful seed packets and the growing seedlings in the window
the smell of my blooming gardenia all over the house
the morning bowl after my chores of yogurt apricots and almonds
the fact that my amaryllis took so long to bloom, but happily it begins to bloom in our new home
the yellow little table found in a book store with the hint of red makes it that much sweeter
the sound of the river and the sound of all the birds around here a true symphony
the fresh eggs the hens give me
the fresh bread brought over by a friend
the fact that we all love our new home, specially tolstoy, sophie and grace

*my neighbor brought us over another surprise or two or nine? i will tell you soon!


Caroline said...

What beautiful photos and words!!! And, I can't help but love the photo of the apricots and almonds ... I always carry a bunch around for snacks, and love adding them to my morning breakfasts. La Porte Rouge adds so much joy to my day. Much love! xo

Line said...

another lovely post Nadia, I'm happy to see that you enjoy your new home, beautiful shots with a wonderful light!!!!

Ann Marie said...

been thinking about this wonderful post for over an hour now. it's just so lovely. am grateful for the time i have to stop by to recieve such wonderful inspiration and gifts from you. i just emailed you my list for the day. thank you!

Erin Wallace said...

This is a wonderful post! The pictures are lovely. Also, I LOVE your banner - so cool! Good luck with the drawing!

bigBANG studio said...


Sabina said...

Oh Nadia, your blog always makes me smile!!


From the bottom of the barrel...(ex Le Prince Rebelle) said...

I love the smell of orange blossom on early spring. I grew up in Argentina and since a very early age I learnt to appreciate "those little things" now that I live in England where there is no orange blossom, what it was a little thing is now one of my biggest happiest memories...mmm I can smell just by thinking of it.
(Ex Le prince Rebelle (sadlydeleted!) now

Johanna said...

Love the light!

spread your wings said...

love the little yellow and red table. those are my favorite colors for home.