Thursday, March 18

testing this is just a test

well this week i am definetely being tested A LOT! it is hard to know if you have bad luck because every time somethings "bad" happens i always flip it around and say well it could have been worse!

basement floods loose precious things - the flip- things could have burned and i can get rid of a lot

tolstoy coliced again last night and today - the flip- the hospital came is making him better and he will be better

a"person" cares very little for animals - the flip- new landlords are the most incredible people i know it already

k has been gone for days - the flip- makes me miss him and love him even more

so much packing - the flip- get to redecorate a new house just like i want it

i have a headache - the flip- i get to have some tea josephine sent me

( i think i could have made a better list( but i do have a headache and the last few days have been trying -the flip-- it has been beautiful outside for small walks)


in another lifetime said...

I admire your outlook. You are very strong and you know it. Thinking of you and sending more positive thoughts. Love the chicken photo:)

Johanna said...

yes i agree, you have a great outlook on the present situation.

josephine said...

you are such an inspiration, nadia! i'm going to channel your good attitude next time i'm in a bad mood.

cindy said...

you have a wonderful attitude. hope you're on the flip side for all of it and enjoying the spring weather.

Valentina said...

thinking of you and cheering you on,