Sunday, August 9

good to be back!

It is good to be home! Yup! i never tend to say that after a vacation infact k. and i would always squeeze another few days or so when we could but as i unlocked the front door of our house and open it it was good to see none dirt floors, clean white couch and electricity! It is odd but for the first time the house felt like home and even though we will be leaving it in a few weeks for a new adventure on the farm it is good to have had this moment at peace with the house!

Okay where to begin? our vacation we spend most of it on the kenebec river in maine primitive camping with no one around nothing except what we bring and what nature offers us and it was wonderful. the river was higher and more severe then ever before we love it! and the full moon kept us company every-night! we did some hiking and seen beautiful waterfalls and had great fires, we learned more about each other and ourselves that was good too! then we headed to lake winnapawsaukee where we camped again but this time in a very quiet camp ground and took our first hot shower in days. we drove through gorgeous farm lands that made me jolt down some wants! we swam on the lake with ducks at the foot of the gorgeous white mountains and spent much time in the town of wolfboro at an old time fair.

these pictures are of our hiking to the moxie falls! pictures are comming out blury not sure why!


montague said...

welcome back! looks like you had a great time!

in another lifetime said...

hurray, welcome back! We used to sing this song in music class:)

Amanda Nicole said...

Welcome back to civilization! Looks like everyone had a grand time :)

Aran said...

welcome back and these are some beautiful photos accompanied by the coolest music! perfect!

GloamingDesigns said...

welcome home! i'm so glad you got to go camping in my home state (that i ADORE) and that you had such a great time.

(i also adore that you have the 'i love the mountains' song on your playlist - awesome!)