Thursday, July 2

la dolce vita

* i wanted the music to play while you read but unfortunately playlist does not have it so tap the link in another window!

the other night i watched la dolce vita.(tap for music) and i heard things this time that made me think even more. I love the streets
of italy in the evening and dawn. I remember sleepless nights of dancing, cafes and at times conversation of the oddest kind:)
Montreal where i am from and where i will soon be dancing in the streets once again, staying out all night was easy, from late night dinners to midnight theaters, dancing till five am, yes five and then a morning espresso as the sun came out... gosh i remember some of it so clearly.

Fellini also wrote " never give up your childlike ways.." well something like that. i agree except do not become a marcello either!

while i watched i thought perhaps I could put a question to you? when the journalist/paparazzi our interviewing Sylvia
one of them ask "sylvia what are three things that you can't live without" her reply was " love, love, love" although i agree
and most of us would add our loved ones. I thought maybe you can tell me three things you would not be able to live without that come after your loved ones.

for me.

I can't live without

a hand to hold or to reach out for mine
and books, lots and lots of books/film/music


in another lifetime said...

I love this post! A great shot of the dancers!!!

My three things:
Peace of mind

Charly said...

Waterfire! I loved waterfire when I was living in Providence. Beautiful!

Peggy Alborn said...

Three things I can't live without: a furry companion, my eyesight (with which I find so much beauty everywhere I go!), Sunshine.

Claire, said...

Lovely post! I love the statue of the 'independent man' and the 'turks head'! Both a sight for sore eyes. xoxo

Laurel said...

OOOH- lovely. I also like your little games.

I am gonna go with
belly laughs
my blind faith

Anonymous said...

I love your games too!

My 3:
books, always books.
laughter (there are humor and joy everywhere, if you look hard enough)
and, sunshine, most days...

avant garde said...

lovely thoughts and photos. have fun on your trip back to canada. hmmm 3 things i couldn't live without...spending time with my son, being near the edge that is the ocean and books as well.

Amanda Nicole said...

What dreamy pictures!

My 3 things I couldn't live without, besides loved ones:




Anonymous said...

Great photos!

My 3 things:


Bonbon Oiseau said...

what a beautiful post n...
i can not live without:

my loved ones

(and lately bravo tv...)

Claire said...

mine would be:

a clear conscience

cindy* said...

for me:

irreverent humor

the last is possibly the most telling...i'm a chronic second-guesser/over-thinker.

kendalee said...

Great post Nadia! After my loved ones... I'd find it very difficult to live without - words, images, integrity (in myself and others)

Siobhan said...

Beautiful post! My three things apart from loved ones;
daylight of any kind; through rain, dappled, sunshine, dusks...
art in all its forms

Laura Blumenberg said...

Three things for me, after love and those whom I love:
my hands (so I can make; so I can hold my loved ones)
a nearby library
the feeling of safety