Wednesday, July 22

a house a home a house a home

distracted from their xbox’s( never thought i would write that on my blog:) the boys are running from the big white fury beast, does she know how much she brings them pleasure or is it the other way around. the girls upstairs unaware of the humidity dip their hands into a giant container of beads. grace (giant black beast) celebrates her birthday by licking everyones faces and the big belly laughs that follow put a smile on my face. I have almost forgotten the sad news k and i received yesterday well no not really, but what it has done is to help me understand is that a house can be taken away( landlords are separating need house) and we are to loose our most beloved place- but back to what i was saying a house can be taken away but a home is where.......well you know

* i am truly sad but trying to think positively! k says “everything will be alright” how we would like to find the perfect farm house !

**** this was written a few days ago, i am doing much better and we are visiting two farm houses in rhode island tonight can you believe it!!!


cindy* said...

i am so sorry to hear about your beloved and gorgeous house nadia...but, i am glad that elle and dylan are there to brighten things for you...and i have to admit, i am a bit excited about the prospect of a new house for you, a farm house! i can only imagine what you will do and cannot wait for you to share all the lovely that you find. xo!

cindy said...

i agree with cindy*.

Esti said...

i hope you find a place you can fill again with your dreams, wishes, works and life.

Karolina said...

oh that must have been awful to hear.. but don't worry. a home is where your loved ones are. this is the most important thing in the world. I moved lots of times in my life so I know that your family will make any place cozy by just being there

lots of sparks

ps. I'm back to blogging thanks for waiting when I had to get my thoughts together :D

Amanda Nicole said...

I went through the exact same thing at the beginning of this year. It really makes you feel helpless and that the rug is being pulled out from under you, but I'm sure you'll find another place that's even better. It was a sad transition for me too (mostly because I like to have control over such life changes!), but I am so glad we're in the place we are now.