Tuesday, June 23

Nadia n' aime pas....

Sunday night after a few hours spent tending the garden i came into the house washed up and decided to put Amelie in the dvd player. Can i just say every-time i watch it i get more and more in love with it's brilliance. I relate to it so much, each time seeing more similarities!

So this time while watching it, this is where i will need you to focus and try to remember. In the beginning the narrator tells us what amelie and each character he introduces dislike and likes. do you remember? example her dad does not like how is bathing suits sticks on him as he come out of the pool or how her mum loves cleaning out her purse and placing everything back in or how amelie likes putting her hand in sacs of grain and collecting stones. so here is my thought let's play along how about we name five things we dislike and five things we like now this is what is most important keep it tight what i mean by that not big things but the everyday little things here i'll show you..

Nadia n'aime pas

the sound of telephone ringing
small shavings left by the sink by k.
when someone wears perfume enough for me and everyone else
the smell of tuna cans in the kitchen sink
honking cars in front of the house

nadia aime

the smell of fresh ground espresso beans
laying the vegetables i bought from the farmers market on the farm table
the crunchy pasta and the bottom of the pan
hiding and scaring my husband
folding laundry

Oh will you play along ?
nadia aime pas quand vous jouer pas:)


Amanda Nicole said...

What a cute idea! I think you just gave me my next blog post :)

Also, hiding and scaring your husband? Brilliant.

Cindy said...

i love the details in the movie, too. amanda is right - hiding and scaring your husband is great. i'll play

cindy n'aime pas
- food in the sink strainer
- consistently cloudy days
- noisy neighbors
- weeds
- restlessness, especially from 2-5 am like last night

cindy aime
- fresh flowers in more than one room, especially from our tiny garden
- emails from friends
- my transistor radio, even though it's held together with a rubber band
- our carpet sweeper
- hearing 'i'm home!'

onesilentwinter said...

love it!

erin said...

one of my all time favorite movies. i just watched it with james and the next day, he came bounding up our back stairs and told me gleefully, "i like taking the stairs two at a time." when i looked mildly puzzled he replied, "you know, the way amelie likes things. i like that."

erin n'aime pas:

- when the bottom of my pants get wet in the rain
- getting into a bed with rumply sheets
- air conditioning that is too cold
- when tights won't stay put and get all slouchy
- when people don't make eye-contact

erin aime:
- wildflowers in unexpected places
- corn on the cob with lots of butter and fresh black pepper
- smiling at strangers
- rearranging the contents of my dresser drawers
- fresh, clean sheets


onesilentwinter said...


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Beverly n'aime pas

bad hygiene
people who walk through doors and don't hold them open for those behind
fruit fly colonies on my fruit bowl
allergies (especially serious ones, especially when they afflict your child)
all of those that you list!

Beverly aime

fresh coffee, the smell, warmth, taste, routine
walking on the beach with a friend, or my kids or myself
spontaneous dinners in our garden with neighbors
snow at our house
the smell of fresh spring rain
gently warm summer mornings and bare feet
sleeping outside and watching meteor showers on my birthday
crisp autumn air with autumn leaves against deep blue skies
oh, I could go on for pages!

Laurel said...

Laurel n'aime pas:

things outta place
Son's(dyed) black hair on counter

Laurel aime:

smell of good candles
warm almost hot summer nights
my hydrangeas
sound of children giggling
Monday Night after I cleaned house.

onesilentwinter said...

oh you guys j'aime beaucoup!

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

oh i love it!

aran n'aime pas...
-self doubt
-dirty kitchens
-sick little boys

aran adore...
-spring and autumn
-white asparagus with mayonnaise
-raspberry red dresses
-raspberry red lipstick
-happy little boy
-friends and good lattes

Anonymous said...

This is lovely. I'm new here, but do you mind if I play, too?

Amy n'aime pas:
loud people
mean drivers
crumbs on the counter
alarm clocks

Amy aime beaucoup:
the cool, fresh side of the pillow
singing in the car with my girls

a good long book
california poppies
fresh banana bread for breakfast

corine said...

ah! my turn.

corine n'aime pas:

cyclists who don't stop at stop signs
acne at age 44
sauces that curdle
spinach between her teeth
hypocrisy, (her's and other's.)

corine aime:

anything curry
red wine
climbing roses
sleeping children
al fresco dining
a great novel

Anonymous said...

oui oui je joue, It's so much fun!!!!

Josephine said...

what a fun game! and i see that i share many likes and dislikes as you, nadia.

here i go...

josephine n'aime pas

the sound of nails being clipped in the workplace
strong perfume
people wearing their bluetooth ear thing when they're not on the phone with anyone
being late

josephine aime
the scent of chocolate in the air
the first sunny day of summer
cookies right out of the oven
dinner parties
a good book
flying in airplanes

Irene said...

Irene n'aime pas

people talking on cell phones in public
righteous indignation
messy house
loud commercials

Irene aime

my husband's socks on the floor (because that means he's home)
sunny days
having time to bake
a really nice pen to write notes with
the smell of earth after the rain
Irish accents
reading my favorite books on the beach
holidays with my family
taking photos

Inés said...

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phoebe marie said...

phoebe marie n'aime pas:

-the smell of bananas or mustard
-dirty coffee cups on the counter
-trying to sleep with sore feet
-the sound of children singing
-when someone leaves the room and you can still smell their cologne

phoebe marie aime:

-having my hand held while driving
-the smell of my not-husband lying next to me in bed
-organizing all of the things on my art table into their bins
-the little muffled barks the dog makes when he's dreaming
-coffee in my favorite mug

Anonymous said...

Mmm... freshly ground espresso beans.

jennifer said...

jennifer n'aime pas:
an unmade bed
doing laundry
doing dishes
horns honking (argh, nyc!)
unpacking suitcases
long winters

jennifer aime:
the sound of birds when I open the window first thing in the morning
freshly laundered sheets
the scent of coffee
when the sun shines while it's raining
fireflies at dusk
packing suitcases
train rides
the twinkling of city lights

onesilentwinter said...

how wonderful are all these.

i can relate to so many can you?

cool side of the pillow- yes every night at least thre flips!

Toil and Trouble said...

now me:
hallie n'aime pas
*brushing out the tangles in my long hair
*dress makers pins left on the work table
*the downstairs neighbor who never makes eye contact
*my(ex)assistant chomping her gum loudly and rythmically

hallie aime
*the sound of the wind whistling through pine branches
*my dogs bunny soft ears on my cheek
*the smell of wet burlap
*the squish of wet plaster through my fingers when it reaches the consistency of thick pudding

cindy* said...

i love amelie. sean loves amelie...that's only one reason i knew he was the one.

cindy* n'aime pas:
slow drivers in the fast lane
poorly loaded dishwasher
dirty sponges
cell phones ringing
icky americano's (i looooove a good americano)

cindy* aime:
cold sheets
fresh flowers in my house
our dogs, jezebel and luxe
smell of sun-warmed skin
lazy outdoor dinner parties with friends

wonderful post nadia! xo!

Laura Blumenberg said...

Hello! What a lovely idea! I love Amelie - it is pretty much my favorite movie. So beautiful, so lovely, such a beautiful story - I know I feel as though I can relate to it as well.
I posted my own n'aime pas/aime on my blog, feel free to read through.

Peggy said...

Hey, what fun! Amelie is one of my all time favourites...

Will post on my blog at some point, but as a preview:
Peggy n'aime pas
. grumpy, stupid, ignorant, intolerant, rude or messy people
. razor stubble rubbing on my face while in passionate embrace
. the sound that is made when someone won't admit they need to blow their nose
. crumbs in the bed
. road rage outbursts
. blue cheese
. cheapskates (when it comes time to figure out the tip )
. one way friends (you call them - they never call you or anyone else)

Peggy aime
. freshly laundered bed linens
. big hello hugs (or for a select few big kiss hellos)
. chocolate in all its forms
. hot summer nights
. happy, silly, funny or intense people
. long walks to anywhere
. eating in bed
. long conversations about stuff
. my dog Bella
. rice pudding
. Saturday morning coffee while lounging in bed

A "cheery" disposition said...

I have been wanting to watch this movie for sometime and after reading this I have to see it right away now.

5 things I like:
-my boyfriends forehead kisses
-how my hair feels underwater
-lighting candles
-when i cook dinner and it turns out good
-wearing dresses everyday

5 things I dislike
-when my boyfriend leaves and i'm home alone (he is a musician and is always on the road)
-when i got really exciting news and no one answers their phone
-red lights
-when you turn on the radio and their is people talking instead of music
-being being loud in the movies

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