Wednesday, May 6

Stealing lilacs

Stealing Lilacs

A guaranteed miracle,
it happens for two weeks each May,
this bounty of riches
where McMansion, trailer,
the humblest driveway
burst with color—pale lavender,
purple, darker plum—
and glorious scent.
This morning a battered station wagon
drew up on my street
and a very fat woman got out
and starting tearing branches
from my neighbor's tall old lilac—
grabbing, snapping stems, heaving
armloads of purple sprays
into her beater.
A tangle of kids' arms and legs
writhed in the car.
I almost opened the screen door
to say something,
but couldn't begrudge her theft,
or the impulse
to steal such beauty.
Just this once,
there is enough for everyone.

Poem: "Stealing Lilacs" by Alice N. Persons


in another lifetime said...

What a fun poem, love it! Love the photos and especially the purple shoes too:)

Yoli said...

Lovely poem! Now, where can I get that striped rug? I have been dying for one just like that one...

chelsea said...

Oh my! The poem and the photos perfectly capture the lilac expierience! wonderful post.

A Lady's Life said...

lovely poem and also my favorite flowers and perfume.
Thanks for a vision of loveliness.

Anonymous said...

totally adore these photos! the boots are way cute.

spread your wings said...

i love these images. the color is fantastic with the black and white rug

cindy : quaint said...

love the lilacs, black & white, and the boots. i think that's just about everything if i include the poem.

cindy* said...

i love these photos...they are pure spring for me. sean loves lilacs, he told me the other day our first house must! have a lilac bush. thanks nadia for all of the loveliness.

Melita said...

i LOVE lilacs. they smell simply divine! and yes, i still lilacs too. can't help it, need that wonderful scent beside my bed to fall asleep to. :)

jennifer said...

love the lilacs and stripes! i need to buy (or steal) myself some flowers soon:)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!I'm waiting now!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

love it. my neighbor and i have been talking about stealing some lilacs from a large bush (that needs a fence climbed to reach)--i think the punishment for that is that they'll wilt right away...

Irene said...

that is the beautiful thing, there is enough for everyone. lilacs, lavender and lilly of the valley are my favorite scents (why all "l"s?).

corine said...

I love the color combination. I love the word combination.

Thelma said...

I am a lilac thief, I do confess. We are 3 generations of Lilac lovers, my Nana, my mother, and I. My favorite and one of my few pictures of my Nana was taken of her arms bursting with the deep greens and lavendars of that magical flower. Lilacs are tearooms and cobblestone walkways and I shall continue on my pilfering ways for this wonderous offering fom the gods!!