Sunday, January 25

who am i and a winner!!

Hi thank you for entering my first giveaway and for all your comments. I think you you might have me mixed up with my sister:) So just so you know who is the girl behind this blog let me clarify! the picture below is of my sister nancy and her beautiful daughter elle

oh how i wish i was her mother, trust me i have offered my sister, lots of money, jewels, cars, i phone, plastic surgery, a cabana boy i met last summer and even my husband but the answers is always no, at least she does not hang up on me anymore-there is hope!!!

and the picture below is me just before we went downtown(montreal to go dancing)okay enough of that!

Okay now that we have that out of the way let me announce the winner of the Silverware bracelet the winner is(picked by my husband) "in another lifetime" congrats!!! email me your information! i love the name behind the blog in a sense the spoon becomes a bracelet "in another lifetime"


in another lifetime said...

Nadia, your blog, every single thing in it, is magical. To think that I am going to have silvery piece of it wrapped around my wrist is so, so delightful!

Nadia makes life better, wouldn't you all agree? Please come and read my little tribute to our friend.

heidi said...

I knew which one was you (pat myself on the back). You AND your sister and Elle are all lovely... a beautiful family. ;)