Saturday, January 3


i drove back from vermont today, the sun shining bright, it was cold the wind blew hard but there was something about it
that felt appropriate. I like my drives, my mind seems to let go of things that linger for far too long, i start remembering drives from my past, good ones.

i know this is when we all make mental list, well at-least for me they never seem to make unto paper. i have always been afraid of failure, but i try everything i say i want to problem is i can't let go of it. I try to make it work, i refuse to throw in the towel..but i think 2008 was the year i learned that failure is not throwing in the towel, or stopping, or saying goodbye.. but more-so not having the courage of letting it go....being still

i do want to say i am excited about blogging, a renewed love for it. perhaps the holiday helped me step away a little bit and realize it is not some sort of addiction but more something that brings me joy, understanding and a sincere connection to strong and lovely people..


corine said...

blogging brings me joy too. It's only an addiction when it gets in the way of doing things that are really important. But at the same time, what could be more important than looking for ways to be joyous? Is the point of life to do things we don't really love to do? I'm still debating.

Georgia B. said...

i understand this joy you speak of.

in a few days, i will be posting on "It's Just How I See Things" something that a photographer/blogger who just found my blog wrote in an e-mail to me—something about blogs. it made so much sense, and i asked if i could quote him. i think you will like it, too.

i am glad you have found this renewed sense of love and joy in blogging.

it would be a great shame if you were not putting out there the beauty that you continually pick up and carry with you. truly, Nadia.

trupeach said...

drives make sense of things to me too. when i was in high school, i'd drive out to this little country store, buy an ice cream, and drive back whenever i needed time for me, time to think.

i am so glad that your drive made things clear for you. your presence here is appreciated and your words are poetry.

Claire said...

i also love driving. i am able to drive for hours without worrying about the distance or the passing time or anything... my mind just goes and i like where it goes.

it amazes me that we have all seriously considered why we are here in this blogosphere during the past month and it would appear that we are all returning with the same conclusion... it is really good for our souls.

i look forward to your thoughts, insights, wisdom and photos nadia. i have really missed you while you have been away.


amy said...

i am glad! i look forward to more!

Aran said...

blogging helps us connect with people (just look at our friendship now!), materialize our creativity and ideas, share them with the world and receive. i agree sometimes it becomes an addiction but that's why we step away, like you did. it's necessary sometimes. i'm glad you are feeling revitalized and inspired nadia. i can't wait for me. happy new year my dear friend!

Chessa! said...

I love it here and I'm so excited to see what inspires you in the new year...

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i know the feeling my love...the new year is such a good time really to look back and forward at the same time---i understand the need to step away and recharge-i am doingt he same now i think--you are always lovely and i am so glad you feel the joy--you send it outwards as well!