Friday, June 6

unveiling the funk

moments of happiness have been here all along
yet somehow lately, I can't get out of my own way.
i am sad that I have wasted this much time in a funk
because even though for a while(long while) I have been saying
be in the moment go through it own it.......but now I can't help but feel
it has gone on for far to long.

get over it already, i say, but she isn't listening!

*I have to confess, i am not a fan of the cross as a religious symbol, but when visiting Sante Fe I went to Chama and came across this antique cross made of red clay the beads are all hand rolled- it was damaged but that made it even more perfect-
(somehow I feel like i just got a revelation about myself)


blogueencore said...


Sara said...

Sometimes it's so hard to get out of a funk, but Nadia, if anyone can see the beautiful and good in things it's you- your pictures are happy bits of joy.

corine said...

ebbs and flow. It's all very familiar.

josephine said...

i've read 2 other bloggers report the same thing! maybe it's something in the blogosphere air? my funk started the middle of may. only since yesterday have i started to feel better. but since yesterday, i feel like something has shifted; i can't put my finger on it, but i know it's good. so stay strong, sister! you'll get through it.

Aran said...

wow... that's powerful... i always find that 'revelations about ourselves" will appear in unexpected places and times. I am glad you are trying to get over the funk nadia... i know that place all too well and it's not fun.

that veil is just gorgeous.

for some reason the whole mood of the photos, with the veil and the cross... reminds me of my first communion. awkward moments for me.

blogueencore said...

Hope you feel better, I now sometimes life is not always easy, accroche-toi!