Wednesday, June 4

Juniper dreams

I have had this daily dream. I would pack
a bag full of my favorite clothes, jewelry,shoes and camera
and head to Juniper Florida. Upon my arrival i would take a
cab to the house of my favorite blog Cannelle & Vanille Aran's door. she would opened it, recognizing my shoes or perhaps
eyelet blouse she would say "nadia" and I would say 'Aran" we would jump up down like kids until her little boy would tug at her skirt (somehow in my dream she would not be freaked out). We would immediately start chatting as she pulled things out of her pantry effortlessly preparing something magical- I would watch and feel like it was deja-vu. I would pull my camera out and she would too, because she is fantastic at it......and we would snap, eat and daily dreams are much more detailed- we would go to the museum and sit at the cafe
talking about europe, books, dreams and shoes.

Today my door bell rang, I opened my door and my mail man (who usually is woman?) handed me a package -it was Juniper coming to me. I have dreamt of photographing Aran's art for a while and today i got too. The prettiest prepared box with the loveliest note, housed the most delightful matcha sables, triple chocolate fudge cookies, raspberry financiers and my favorite of all friendship- Merci Aran from the bottom of my heart -thank you, you do much more than just feed the belly you feed my soul.

*photographs were taken with my computer -camera failure can you believe my luck ? will try again tomorrow
ps. that is if I can stop eating these masterpieces!


Anonymous said...


Aran said...

it was pay back for all the beauty you share with us everyday nadia...

Cicada Studio said...

How wonderful! Dreams do come true. I always believe that.

nicisme said...

Oh what a lovely package to receive! I'll join you in your dream, we would have a lovely time at Aran's, and be very well fed on delicious sweets!

Nice blog you have here - great, interesting photos!

corine said...

This is random kind, beautiful and looks delicious. Perhaps the perfect gift.

littlebyRD said...

Your daydream made me smile - and then to hear you got a package - what a great story! Those little sweets would not last long around me....yum

Mrs.French said...

They are from her! You are both so to taste her perfect masterpieces and her to see them through your lens. Cheers!

Sara said...

what a treat!