Thursday, June 19

to my very happy surprise, while visiting blogs that inspire me
I found myself ( it took me a minute to realize it was me) on the beautiful blog frolic.

if she is'nt already, she will surely become on of your favorites.
I love typing elseachelsea...........all the letters and the sound of it as you say it outloud makes me happy!


Chelsea said...

hee hee thanks:)

Anonymous said...

this picture was wonderful!!

Mrs.French said...

I saw that! I agree. This sweet woman knows a wonderful, magical place when she sees one!

Oh and just an added thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comment regarding my photography dilemma. Your opinion means a lot to me (for obvious reasons).

Sara said...

I just came over to tell you I saw you there- what a circle of greatness you all are!:)

Aran said...

because that is a beautiful photo, blouse and this is a beautiful blog nadia!