Tuesday, May 13

the world and me

I would like to pause, it seems like all
the terrible things happening around the world
have finaly caught up with me. I am not sure for how long and perhaps not long at all. I took and afternoon walk and there in the middle of all the fields while staring into the sun I knew
I wanted to dedicate the time that I blog to learning more about Myanmar and China so on my way home i picked up some books. Perhaps I can let you know about what I learn via, quotes, photographs and interesting facts.

I love blogging, I love how I feel when I share and when I am the recipients of your wonderful talents, photographs, sense of humour and stories, i just thought it is important for me to take a moment.


Aran said...

Nadia, I completely understand that. It happened to me last week. Take your time to reflect and feel. I think we live in a world in which we don't want to feel anything but instant gratification. Sometimes, we have to feel sadness so we don't carry it with us later on. Hugs to you.

corine said...

I used to carry the weight of the world and all the sadness on my shoulders. Starvation, wars, earthquake, you name it. Now I'm better. but sometimes things are just too enormous to cope.

Cicada Studio said...

I work in NYC and it's like being bombarded with everything all at once. I believe I purposely shut things out. It's a bit of a defense mechanism. Since my children and a bad accident I had a few years back, I try only to focus on positive. When things that are not seep in, it's like a sword to my heart. I actually feel the deliberate "un-desensitizing" has opened me up to feel more when those moments come.

dia said...

to have the courage to stop & take a moment to actually learn about the plights of the world is so very important, I respect your wanting to do that. I just want to point to you and all the wonderful blogger I got to know thru your blog, that being able to post some beautiful, uplifting tibits, (be it a photograph, a recipe, one of Sara's amazing, witty, uplifting posts.. all this gives much more than you may think to make the world a little brighter for someone. it is great to take the time to really think & try to do something positive to help.
I just want to say thank you to aLL of you for starting my days with a little beauty each morning

Sara said...

I just tried to leave a comment and something wiggity happened...anyways, the jist of it was- that I was watching the news last night, and was overwhelmed by the importance we put on one celebrity passing, when thousands of equally precious lives are taken in these recent tragedies. We as human beings probably need to take better care of eachother no matter where we live in the world. I'm thankful for your friendship, and even though I still feel like we don't know eachother that well, I'm grateful that we could meet through blogging. Your pictures uplift people, and your comments always make my day!