Friday, May 30

This might be my favorite shot.
I think it represents how i have been
feeling as of late


corine said...

then you must have been feeling luminous and gorgeous.

Aran said...

wow... yes, luminous, gorgeous and maybe a little contemplative?

Cicada Studio said...

I read self-isolation. Introspective. In a good way though... not sad. Maybe contemplative is a better word.

Georgia B. said...

wow! this is a breathtaking picture.

i have never had the time until tonight to scroll back through the archives of your blog. until now, i've only been able to keep up with current posts.

i'm just amazed. it is like you live in some fariy tale. not a picture you post speaks of the fast-paced, mundane world we live in. i don't know where you live, but wherever it is, it screams quiet and peace and slow and soft and beautiful. it may be that you choose to only put in the shots that capture this essence, but i have looked at so many posts, i can not imagine there is anything where you are that is opposite of any of those words i just listed.

what a world!

and what a photo in this post. i can see why it is a favorite.

yikes. yikes. i'm in awe.