Tuesday, May 6

Santa Fe

The last few years I have spent a month in Santa Fe.
The colors are amazing -if it is on a door of an adobe,
or the color of a poppy or in the ten thousand galleries
(may not be an exaggeration)or the food on your plate and even the plate itself.
I love walking up and down the streets with camera in my hand. I am not sure when I will go this year, but last year at this time
I was there!


Aran said...

Beautiful, vibrant colors... I live in Colorado for three years before moving to FL and I certainly miss the west.

Mrs.French said...

so, so vibrant and beautiful. I went to Santa Fe for the first time in Feb. I didn't have nearly enough time, it was cold, windy and dusty. I wish I could take my camera when the winds are quieter and soak up the vibrant colors the way you have here.

stacy said...

The colors really pop. I am sure you find some amazing photo opps there.