Monday, May 26

My heart wanders on to here too

Joetta, I love this name and have fallen in love with
her blog-truth is I have kept it a secret, my secret place to visit.
Everything about this blog his "lovely", i would have to say that I am
inspired by her work and how she sees and describes her world.

Joetta has put my submission to "my heart wanders" on her blog..
ironically it is her submission that inspired me to submit. Joetta has
recently completed her thesis, I do not think I have every seen anything
like it...thank you Joetta for giving me a place to dwell and inhale


Aran said...

you unveiled your little secret... thank you for sharing with us. This photo and her blog are indeed lovely.

Joetta said...

thanks so much nadia, your words are so sweet and i am honored to have them applied to me...:) Thankyou.