Thursday, May 1

Hidden In France

There is lovely Blog, what I mean is a lovely 
Person who has created the loveliest blog,
and this week I was overwhelmed when she decided
to post about photography , my photography! I must confess
I truly was was hard to believe she was talking
about me?

{I have to say
when you do something you love, because 
it brings you joy and no money is 
exchanged- you believe that you are
just indulging in what makes you happy and
no one else notices and you don't notice that no ones 
not noticing...}

Corine from the creator of the stunning blog Hidden in France
thank you for your daily inspiration and the most special gift
I feel honored.

I have been saving this bouquet in my dream file
but now I give it to you...


Aran said...

You deserved that entire post because your photography is truly amazing and inspirational!

Mrs.French said...

Such a lovely bouquet and she so deserves it. Oh and your photos...they deserve it too.

corine said...

What?! You thank me for thanking you and i only discover it 13 hours later?

The virtual bouquet is lovely, I can almost smell it from here! ; D