Friday, April 4

two minutes in the bedroom part deux

I sometimes think I am addicted to taking photographs
I find myself saying things like..:just one more" can I have two minutes please"
or "this is the last one I promise"..(by the way I say these things to myself!!!)....then I start thinking what if there was a hospital
for people who had art addiction what would that hospital be like? would the doctors and nurses be distracted, would
we spend a lifetime studying the lines on peoples faces?
for more photographs from this series please go here


Sara said...

You have a lovely weekend too! Enjoy the salsa- remember to make the dressing package according to directions, just use balsamic vinegar instead of normal white vinegar...and eat it up with tostitos lime chips. CIAO!

Aran said...

I love these photos.... I am too addicted to photographing!