Thursday, April 24

the colors I love part deux or is three or four

I have loved these colours for many , many years now
i even used them for my store french dressing logo
It is hard to pin point when I first put them together. I have
to confess red was not always my favorite colour, except on berries
and shoes. I have always loved aqua and always collected
old french pieces with aqua paint. My apartment
is now a mixture of white linen couches, chaises, and bedding.
red old but simple furniture pieces from wood to metals
too textiles..oh ya and the chandelier!( I am having a moment) the red I have is very specific and yet all the found pieces
i have collected throughout the last fifteen years have that exact red, in fact friends call it
nadia's red. One day I received a phone call from a friend who said "come quick i just found
a piano in your red" of course how could i pass that up.

i have a love for all these things, mostly because they are all attached to memories, wrong turns,
curb side happy jigs and "I am just window shopping moments" so if it is okay on occasion I will share those
pieces with you and there stories.

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Aran said...

Nadia, I happen to love those colors too. My bedroom wall is like a acqua blue, very soft and the night stand lamps are raspberry red and the quilt has a mix of all of these colors. It is so serene. I love it! You apartment looks lovely with those floors... very antiquey!