Thursday, March 13

Garden Swap part III

I was in the middle of writing the post on Sara
when the doorbell rang...and there it was a package for
me. I must confess I had a smile form ear to ear and i
had'nt even opened it yet!

Would you like to know what I recieved?
okay here it goes...

Martha Stewart living magazine
three packets of seeds- My favourites, zinnias, poppies and cosmos!!!! love them
tea tree lemon-grass soap...can you smell it it is divine!
the coolest pair of gardening gloves, I love the pattern. Colour Vert!
and a wrapped box with ribbon.
oh what is in the box?- a delightful assortment of stationary...

I want to say thank you, thank you , thank you......but it seems
like the person who sent it to me is a mystery....if for some reason
you land on my blog please leave your info..........It would mean the world
if I could thank you!

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